I came to « 3D » through a neighbour who had attended a training session run by Elena and Jackie.  I had been suffering from chronic fatigue since the birth of our 3rd child in 2017 and had put it down to lack of sleep and an increase in household and family commitments on top of a busy professional environment. After a battery of tests that found « nothing wrong » I decided to give « 3D » a try.


6 sessions later and my fatigue had pretty well disappeared. My therapist helped me to identify which emotions I had not been attentive to, and how what I was experiencing at home had « reawakened » strong feelings experienced and suppressed in my childhood. Once I acknowledged and understood them I felt able to put in place new behaviours which led my fatigue to disappear.


I strongly recommend the 3D approach as I now feel restored to my former levels of energy. 


After 2 years of chronic wrist pain and debilitating fatigue, both of which prevented me from leaving home to take up my place at university in the South of France and from pursuing my studies in music a family friend recommended that I try « 3D ».


4 months later I am pain free, have taken up music and sport again and am ready to start university in September. I now trust my gut instincts, listen to my emotions and make sure that my needs are being met instead of putting everyone elses’s first. My life has been transformed thanks to everything my 3D therapist taught me.

After a series of major highly stressful and emotional events between the age of 19 and 54 I had developed so much pain and fatigue that a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia was given in 2014. I tried everything, from strong painkillers to regular physiotherapy, from daily exercise to no sport at all… Nothing worked.


As soon as I tried the 3D approach my therapist helped me, thanks to her attentive, passionate and intuitive approach and a variety of practical exercises, to understand how I function and what had brought about my symptom state. Within a few weeks I learnt to be attentive to what I’m really feeling, to listen to my needs and act accordingly. Of course I experienced ups and downs. But now, 3 years down the line, I know exactly what to do if any unpleasant sensations do reappear, because I understand now how to respond when my emotions speak.


3D works and I am so glad I discovered the approach.