What is the 3D approach ?

The 3 dimensions behind "3D" are the head, the heart and the body which, for a variety of reasons are no longer aligned . Our task is to ensure that our thoughts, our emotions and our physical functions are working in harmony, as they are meant to.


All our work is based on medical research and the latest developments in neuroscience. Collaborating closely with British and Amercian doctors and therapists we continue to train and update our approach according to recent findings in the field of chronic pain, stress, fatigue, headaches, fibromyalgia, long covid...


Our therapists help you to recognise how childhood difficulties, unresolved personal or professional ill-treatment but also everyday stress, when not addressed can lead to chronic pain. Alert systems are set up in the brain telling us that we are are in danger, either real or perceived, which, to reinforce those messages, sends us signals in the form of physical symptoms.


You will learn to recognise the signals as messages, decode them and put in place the actions required to reassure our brain that we are listening appropriately. As we learn these new techniques and practise different ways of behaving, we are creating new, healthy neural pathways in the brain which will gradually take over from thosethat were causing us pain and discomfort. Those messages will no longer be needed.



 Understanding how our emotions work and the essential role they play in protecting us and maintaining our well-being are the groundwork on which we will build together. The major role of fear in exacerbating our unpleasant sensations is at the heart of recent research, and we will share new techniques to help counter that fear, enabling you to regain control of your well-being.


As a client, what will I need to do?

First of all, we will give you the neceessary understanding of why your body is reacting as it is through reading, explanations during sessions and videos. You will also get plenty of hands-on exercises so that you can start practising new ways of thinking, reacting and behaving. Remember, if we want to create new neural pathways we have to repeat our new way of doing things over and over.

If we don't change anything, nothing will change ! More of the same will only give the same results so come prepared to test and you will soon be rewarded by a decrease in your unpleasant sensations.


Will the improvements last?

Yes, as long as you continue to put in place what you learn ! You will be getting the keys for lifelong change. 


How long will it take to get rid of my symptoms?

Anything from 5-12 sessions on average, depending on each individual.


How much do you charge?

We charge £90 an hour. Contact us as we can offer help if the price is an obstacle.


How do I get in contact ?

Email or message to fix up a good time for a free chat. We will decide together if 3D is right for you, and you can make sure now is the time to start making lasting changes.


We will be beside you on your journey.




Elena : + 33 678 340 774


Jackie : + 33 687 735 147